About Boni

BONI is a platform for interior designers who want to make the interior design process smoother, more enjoyable, and save a lot of time.

Carin Gunnstam & Anna Skoghagen, BONI’S founders.

Interior design is our passion.

Despite growing demand for interior design services, the industry's workflows haven't kept up, relying on manual tasks and using tools that don't integrate, leading interior designers to spend too much time on each project.

Most interior designers are female entrepreneurs, which is something we are particularly passionate about. We want to help them work smarter. Therefore, we created BONI. What takes up most of their time today is creating mock-ups, moodboards, and product lists, so that's where we started.

Our mission is to empower both interior designers and enthusiasts of all levels to create homes where people feel at home. We celebrate all interior creators out there and are devoted to our community of designers and how to support them and ease their creative process in any way possible.

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“The majority of decorators and interior architects are female entrepreneurs, which is especially close to our hearts.”
Together with our customers' expertise and smart technology, we've designed software where you can easily create moodboards, generate product lists, and find interior design products from over 3,000 brands all in one place.

This is just the beginning. Our vision is to simplify the process of visualizing interior design ideas so they can come to life faster. More services will be added soon.

BONI is based in Stockholm and launched in 2022.